Wednesday, 10 September 2008

The LHC is here. Ish.

Except it isn't really, is it. Although a round of applause for the chap who decided to tell the press that "beam circulation day" was the significant milestone they should all be slavering over. It worked -- it's certainly generated a lot of interest in the field, which is great, and rather cleverly this will help make the doubly-bitter pill of no Higgs and no SUSY somewhat easier for the public and the funding bodies to swallow in the future.

So yes, politically a very sensible move. But will any of this attention actually bring in funding to universities? Are we ever going to see another rolling grant? Can we employ another postdoc sometime in the next five years? STFC, are you listening?

STFC? Hello? Oh, you're at the LHC. Having champagne and nibbles. Right.

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