Thursday, 27 November 2008

Selling your physics.

It is important to market yourself, and your material, properly. Especially if you're a PhD student or Postdoc. You want people to read your abstract and think "wow", so that then hopefully they'll at least get through your introduction and conclusion before putting your paper to one side, rather than just letting it scroll off the top of the page as they persue the arXiv.

Of course, there is selling yourself, and then there is writing blatant crap. This morning I read this in a paper of a few years back. It isn't a direct quote -- I've cut out a few words to disguise its origin, but the statements are faithful representations of the original.

"There is no obstacle to formulating the theory for non-constant
F(x), but we shall concentrate on the case of constant F for simplicity.
Up to terms involving derivatives of F(x), our leading order results
are therefore also valid for varying F(x)."

Wow. Way to go dudes.

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