Sunday, 21 December 2008

UK Annual Theory Meeting, day 2.

There isn't much to report from this, the only full day of talks at the conference, as every presentation was pretty dire. Special mention must, however, go to:

Searching for B-mode polar anisotropies on large angular scales --George Efstathiou

We're treated to a 15 minute engineering porn flick on the cooling systems of the Planck satellite. No really. He means well, I think, but once again this is a staggering misinterpretation of what the meeting is about and misunderstanding of how the audience is composed. So it gets to the results, and there are lots of pretty pictures I don't understand. And why not? Well, at the end of the talk, some brave sod raises their hand and asks

"So what is a B-mode and why is it so important?"

That's right. He hadn't told us. It's in the title of his talk, and he hadn't told us what it bloody was. Arghhh.

This guy is an FRS and a professor at Cambridge, and he can't be bothered to do more than cannibalise a talk he's clearly given many times to specialists in his field. And this guy must be on the chair of a hundred commities, deciding the fate of postdocs and research groups, and he's lazy. Well that bodes well.

Physicists suck.

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