Saturday, 17 April 2010

Escalating argument.

There's an amusingly barely-restrained argument going on over on Not Even Wrong about whether Gribov copies are of any importance at all. It seems that we have, very loosely:

"It's an important question and something is certainly going on there" from P. Woit,

"Yes they do" from P. Orland

"Nonsense! I wrote a book!" from N. Nakanishi,

"No, really, they do" from P.O. and

"NO! NO YOU FOOLS" from N.N.

It's a topic I'm interested in, so I'm following. We've almost reached boiling point. People are adressing each other using "Mr".

I'm aware that this blog has been... noticed. I strongly encourage comments on the above subject.

Oh, Lubos apparently has an opinion too, but I haven't read it because it probably involves sending those dirty Gribov copies back where they came from, or something.

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