Monday, 25 October 2010

Submission for dummies.

Dear authors,

When submitting your paper to the arxiv, please collect your bibliography data from SPIRES. This way, the arXiv will be able to recognise your references and attribute appropriate citations automatically. Whereupon, the authors you have cited will wake up to some happy news, rather than the arduous task of reformatting your bibliography and exchanging hopeful, pleading e-mails with SPIRES Corrections.

Special note to older physicists. You don't like the format? Oh dear. Well, never mind, you get yourself snuggled up by the fire and let us get on with the work. It's easier for us, you see, because we have more time: we only care about being cited, not the format the citation takes, so we don't have to waste hours of our time changing "," to "", for example, and so we can just get on with the physics.

You settled in there? Good. Cup of tea? Co-co? Oh dear, little accident, I'll get a mop...

Lots of love,

Other authors.

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