Monday, 12 December 2011

Fed up.

Everything I want to publish has already been done.

Except it's been done badly. And when I say "badly", what I mean is that Physical Review, and in particular PRL, is full, literally bursting, with results which are so stupidly wrong they defy belief. Statements like "we artificially and without motivation or proof of reliability completely ignore the fact that this diagram is as infra-red divergent as fuck, so we can produce a pretty picture".

Which, oddly, makes publishing the correct results somewhat tricky, since you have to convince Phys Rev that the same thing is worth publishing again, convience the reviewer that the results in the literature are shit, and simultaneously avoid pissing off entire research groups. This is deeply, deeply frustrating.

It's hard not to sound arrogant, but I've spent my career to date doing field thoery, and my competitors have spent their careers to date doing something barely above engineering. And frankly I'm right and they're wrong and .

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