Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Fermilab... Higgs....Zzzzz.. whu? whu? Did I snore?

Are you a physicist, but not an experimental physicist? Were you perhaps fairly bored by the softly-softly-we-know-what-Cern-have-but-can't-say presentation from Fermilab yesterday? Do you simply not understand those baffling and never fucking explained green-yellow-95%-black-line-yellow-balloon-excluded-region-under-this-region-in-pink-on-a-tuesday plots which apparently say something very important about this bit of the curve here between 110 and 140 GeV even though it looks like any other bit of the same sodding curve?

Well, check out Philip Gibbs' posts over at viXra:


There's the latest (unofficial) results and if you link back to earlier posts on the Higgs he actually explains what those plots mean, which is rather good of him.

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