Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Mansuripur again.

This is fascinating. Click the following link to go to

Mansuripur's publications on the arXiv.

Same Mansuripur who thought he's found a big problem with special rel. and had the paper published in PRL, but whom was summarily shot down in a rain of PRL-aimed Comment arrows tipped with venemous physicist PRL-salivating BILE. Except for McDonald's response, which was rather more measured and mature.

Anyway, Mansuripur is now bombarding (and that is the right word) the arXiv with uploads of his previous papers and conference proceedings from as far back as 2005. (When there were dinosaurs and shit.) What's he up to? Here's a potential list.

  1. He's protesting against open-access charges. Good on you my son!
  2. He's posturing. "Look at my beautiful peakcock feather papers! See how well they sit with my magnificent PRL beak!" Or something along those lines. In this case one has to presume that he's sticking by his "Einstein was wrong" guns.
  3. He's panicing. "Oh crap, I messed up. I know, I''ll overcompensate by producing loads of papers. Oh wait, I don't have any ideas. I'll upload old papers to the arXiv instead! Everyone will read those instead of the dodgy "Einstein-sucks" paper.
  4. He's quitting and is, either in fury (see 1.), defiance (2.) or regret (3.), throwing his legacy into the public domain.

Place your bets!

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