Friday, 17 February 2012


Finally. Finally, I have beaten my collaborators into submission and convinved them to publish the (frankly sweet) result we've been sitting on for months. Which means I need good music to listen to while I type. Furiously. So that my fucking competitors don't beat me to it. (I happen to have... found out... what they're working on.)

This is what I'm listening to just now. Why should you care? You shouldn't. But you might like it.

Ultrasound Check out "Black Hole" here, and make sure your speakers are turned up.

Automatic Writing, listen to "Continuous" here. If the 80's had been this good we wouldn't regret them so much.

The frankly awesome Breton,
check out "Edward the Confessor", and you can get download some tracks from the facebook page. By sharing your personal infromation, of course.

Last but not least, Ulterior, listen at the same page.

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