Monday, 6 February 2012


Suppose that there were a handfull of papers every year bleating on about the same "problem" and how to fix it. Suppose that the "problem" was really no more than a curiosity to do with the method of calculation, and which didn't impact physics in any way.

As such, any attempt to "fix" the non-existent problem by making changes to the relevant theory would be (very rightly) viewed as crackpot nonsense.

Suppose, then, that someone came along and showed in a simple way how to do away with this issue without making any changes to the theory. A short paper, drawing a line under a silly argument once and for all.

Do you think anyone would publish that paper? Well we'll see. Three journals didn't even send it out for review. Now that it's finally been sent to a reviewer, the report has come back after 5 days. Do we imagine the report is positive? No. No we do not. Hey ho.

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